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tv   Channel 13 Live at 5  NBC  November 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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and with a season like this... iowa fans want new hawkeye gear.. throughout the season -- clothing sales at stores in iowa city have steadily increased. the tailgate clothing store has seen a boost in both online and in store sales. meanwhile "west division champs" shirts have flown off the shelves at the "imprinted sportswear" store in coralville. not to get ahead of themselves -- but the general manager of the store says a "big ten champion" shirt is already in the works
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"we are doing three different ones for the west, and when if it ever is possible, we'll be doing more than one if we actually do the championship. " it's a day known for crazy deals and sometimes, even crazier shopping experiences. big box stores tend to steal the spotlight on black friday... but as channel 13's reid chandler shows us .... some of the smaller local businesses are cashing in too. alexandra bandow is a small business owner... a really small business owner. "it is an animal pocket tee brand that i run in des moines, and i also sell animal bone necklaces and scarves." "everything's hand-made. and my grandma sews for me. so it's 50 years of sewing going into a pocket shirt." alexandra bandow - owner, wolf toof clothing her store, wolf toof clothing, is entirely run online through an etsy account. advertising, done through social media. "i've never sold somewhere in
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person in des moines, so i'm trying to get more people to get to know my brand and what i do with it." alexandra bandow - owner, wolf toof clothing no big-box stores at this black friday sale. vendors here call it "market day." they're packing capitol square hoping for something more valuable than a single sale - they're hoping for exposure. "all of the vendors that you see here today are going to be local artists and makers. everything is hand-made by the people that you see here. everybody is from the greater des moines area, or iowa, at least." nicole rutherford - owner, nicole & dime designs take nicole rutherford, of nicole and dime designs... her business lives online, too. that's the real estate she believes every business is moving to. "everybody's got an iphone, everybody's got an ipad. everyone wants to just buy their christmas presents from their couch. i know i'm buying all my kids' christmas presents on amazon prime, so, it's an easy way for people to shop and get those deals." nicole rutherford - owner, nicole & dime designs but rutherford admits, a physical presence has its perks.... for small online businesses, she
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get people to know you exist. "there's definitely a challenge, and it takes a couple of years to really sort of build that business, and get that momentum going. i definitely was not able to start with just a website, and hope that traffic...that has only come after places like this. having something like market day to showcase my work, get my name out there, have people recognize me and my work, and then they can go to my website and find things." nicole rutherford - owner, nicole & dime designs not just collecting cash, but collecting customers. that's the name of the game for the smallest of businesses on black friday. the cold and wet weather didn't
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may be sticking around for while longer... even snow could make it's way into the seven day. meteorologist megan salois joins us now with a first look at the forecast rain totals on thanksgiving amounts were in southeast iowa from ottumwa to oskaloosa with just over an inch in des moines. staying below the one have stayed overcast keeping temperatures degrees... and winds have been brisk from the northwest. temperatures will continue to hold in the 20s
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a fort dodge man is in the hospital tonight after he was shot several times at a bar. it happened around 2 this morning at "sneakers eatery and pub" in fort dodge. there officers found damal clayton shot several times. he is listed in serious condition. police are now looking for the man they say shot clayton.... 22 - year -old toree ashton mosely. he is
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dangerous. if you have any information contact police. at least eight people and four police officers are injured after a shooting incident near a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. officials say the gunman is inside the facility, and now officers are exchanging gunfire with the suspect. the shopping center where the clinic is located was placed on lockdown early this afternoon. investigators could not confirm if there are any fatalities or if any hostages are being held inside the area. "we have an unknown number of civilians, we are still working through this situation. we do not have the shooter at this point but we do have all of our resources brought to bear." officials are unsure if the planned parenthood was the target of the shooting. it is day four of protests in chicago. unrest remains after the release of police dash cam video -- showing a white police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times edward
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lawrence has the story... l/chicago, il :00 - :04 nats "16 shots. 16 shots." hundreds of protesters braved cold temperatures and rain to demand answers from the chicago mayor and police department. nats "rahm emanual has got to go." today, they wanted what protesters called.. economic justice. the crowd marched down chicago's magnificent mile blocking the street and disrupting shoppers looking for black friday deals. "we are all here because what affects one community affects us all." the protestors want answers to why it took a year to release video then charge a chicago police officer for shooting and killing laquan mcdonald. the video shows mcdonald carrying a knife but walking away from officers. there is no sound, and footage from other police cameras at the scene... also not released. nats "release the tapes.. all the tapes." chicago police commissioner garry mccarthy says his officers have shown enormous restraint, but offered a stern warning.
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"we are not going to stand by and let something happen. we are not going to let windows get broken and stand are not going to let places get looted." says the what he calls a cover-up. who surpressed it for 13 months.. and while one man did the killing nine men did not turn in a report that justified his being arrested. we see a level of corruption that is unacceptable. organizers vow to hold more protests and are considering a boycott of chicago businesses. as you saw protestors blocked the entrance to some of the big named stores.. like nike.. disney.. and macy's. those stores locked the doors as protestors lined up. in washington.. edward lawrence nbc news. the officer's attorney says van dyke feared for his life at the time of the shooting. and claims the video doesn't tell the full story leading up to the incident coming up after the break.... the holiday season isn't slowing down efforts on the campaign trail... the candidate meeting with refugees, the one who is defending his
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actions... and who will make a stop in iowa next. and later... a little girl with a rare heart condition was given only months to live... her dying wish and the surprise that caught her entire family
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despite the holiday weekend.... presidential candidates are still campaigning. a campaign official for doctor ben carson has confirmed he traveled to the county of jordan overnight to visit with syrian refugees. meanwhile, here at home, donald trump is -- once again -- defending some of his controversial
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comments. hallie jackson has the story. this morning, republican presidential candidate ben carson will visit with syrian refugees in jordan... the surprise trip overnight coming amid controversy... ... when the retired neurosurgeon made a comparison between refugees and dogs... carson sot: we have to have screening mechanisms to determine who the mad dogs are, quite frankly... who are the people who are coming to kill us? in iowa, carson has dropped to third place... as foreign policy takes center stage in the gop presidential primary... but ben carson isn't the only candidate coming under fire for controversial comments... donald trump's latest twitter tirade? aimed at the new york times - demanding an apology... trump denying he mocked reporter serge kovalesi's congenital joint condition. trump: 19;58;30;27 "ohhhhh i don't know what i said! i don't remember!" trump -defending his
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now widely-debunked claim that thousands of new jersey muslims cheered 9/11 used a 2001 kovaleski article in the washington post citing alleged celebrations the day of the attacks. but kovaleski's now in trump's crosshairs - after saying this week nothing in his article backed trump up. trump: 19;58;30: he's going like, "aaaaah, i don't remember! well, maybe that's what i said!" this is fourteen years ago! the new york times "outraged" trump would ridicule the physical appearance of a reporter... trump is now saying he didn't know kovaleski had a disability - tweeting - he should stop using it to grandstand - and get back to a paper that is rapidly going down the tubes. tom davis: 11;29;00;22 i don't think with donald trump there are really any limits of what you can say. i think all the old rules are broken him. and while most candidates took a break for turkey day .. ted cruz will be back in iowa tomorrow... for the first time since a new poll showed him surging there - closing in on trump. with just two months to go until
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hallie jackson, nbc news, washington. jeb bush will be in iowa next week. first he will make a stop in northeastern iowa... then on tuesday morning he will hold a town hall meeting in newton. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction.
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we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
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skies will stay mainly cloudy tonight and temperatures will be cold with lows in the low 20s skies will partially clear with high pressure building in over the state. the winds will lighten up slightly. skies will be partly sunny on saturday with highs in the upper 30s. dry weather continues the low 40s. a cut-off area of low pressure will move slowly across the state on monday through tuesday of rain and snow across the state for
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a seven year old girl had a simple wish ... a new heart coming up after the break.. the rare condition she has ... and why her wish was granted sooner
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a little girl from ohio is in desperate need of heart... and in a few short days her wish was granted and her family is calling it
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miracle... lily cox recieved a new heart after waiting just four days on the heart transplant list.. brittany harris talked with family doing "how are you doing today?" be happier with how his patient lily cox is doing. the seven-year-old just had a clinic children's on sunday. "she's been sitting up and watching tv and sleeping a bit, but she's doing fantastic." lily has a very rare condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. that means the left side of her heart is underdeveloped. doctors have been doing corrective surgeries since she was a week old to help with that. but, this summer, her symptoms started getting worse. and a big decision had to be made... "we admitted her to the hospital and looked at was there anything else we could do? is there a medicine or an operation or anything that's going to make a difference and make her better and the answer is no and we felt that the only option was to
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so they put lily on the transplant list and four days later, they found a heart. lily's grandmother tiffany says she couldn't believe it. "she has a new birthdate, november 22nd ."tiffany says she's beyond grateful to the donor's family. and knows it must've been difficult for them. "i mean i'm emotional about it. i'm happy, very happy, but it's also very sad because somebody else had to lose their child... but i'm so happy that they did it because if they wouldn't have, we'd still be waiting and i just hope god is with them through their tragedy." she also wants to thank doctor stewart and the rest of the team. she says lily wouldn't be where she is now without them. "it was said best by the dr. nasgoda who did the anesthesia for this operation, and she goes i've been doing this for so many years i can't even tell you, but it never stops being absolutely amazing when that heart starts beating." stick around, we'll get another
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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a michigan family and their friends spent their thanksgiving giving to others. a woman and her family and about several others making sure the less fortunate keep warm this winter. they put more than a hundred scarves on gloves on trees and objects for people to grab. trisha geyer's mother knitted each scarf herself.. "they need to just sit down, take a deep breath and think, 'wow, there's people out here worse than i am. i need to help that.'" the group plans to to the same
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test. multiple people shot at a planned parenthood clinic. several officers among the injured. police try to corner the shooter as he makes a desperate stance. anger in the streets.
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hundreds disrupt black friday in
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